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Volunteering is excellent!


We know that. You know that. 

Hopefully you're reading this page because you've decided to give some of this brilliant volunteering a go. So what do you need to know? 

First up, have a think about what kind of organisation you'd like to support; what kind of charitable aims really mean something to you, that the idea of being part of really gets you geared up.

We can help you work with all sorts of different organisations. From charities that work with children, vulnerable women or young people at risk of joining gangs, through to organisations that preserve and restore the countryside, we can help you connect with your perfect cause.

Next, what kind of roles could you do? Here's the interesting thinky bit: we've all got skills and abilities that could be of real benefit to organisations needing volunteers. Maybe you work in a professional capacity using skills that you could offer to volunteer with? For example you might be a great communicator (hello fundraising), you might be a brilliant role model (hi there mentoring), perhaps you're great with IT (spruce up a website), maybe you have a hobby or an interest that you could bring along with you. Amongst our brilliant volunteers we’ve got people who do barbering, gardening, repairing mobile phones, and good old chatting with a cuppa. There are endless possibilities!

So now you have an idea of what you might like to do and maybe where, take a look at some of the current opportunities.

If you can't find what you're looking for or would like to talk through your options, we can help you find an organisation that would love to have you!

Drop us a line at and do something amazing.