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UPDATE: October 2021

Now that the Furlough system has closed we're no longer running the Furlough Exchange programme. But we do still need volunteers and we'd love to hear from you. To submit your details, please follow this link to tell us about the skills you can offer.

Thank you!

We at Team Oxford are recognising that there are charities and voluntary organisations in the perfectly impossible situation of potentially having to furlough their staff in order to secure their financial future and yet their charitable mission has not disappeared overnight...For some, the demand on services may be higher than ever before. What can be done to help?

In light of this, Team Oxford is launching the Furlough Exchange Scheme.

Team Oxford Furlough Exchange Logo


We know there are employees currently on furlough who may wish to volunteer their time to support organisations within the Voluntary and Charitable Sector (VCS) to help secure their futures. 

There is a wealth of skills, experience and knowledge within VCS organisations that can be lent to neighbouring organisations. For example we could be talking about fundraisers, communications experts, administrators, coordinators, and that's just for starters. We're keen to hear from anyone who has time to volunteer, that could be you! Just get in touch using this contact form.

We are also keen to hear from VCS organisations who would like to sign up to benefit from this scheme. Have you had to furlough staff? Maybe the demand on your services has drastically increased during this crisis and you could do with from some extra hands on deck? Fill in the form on the sign up page and let us know how we can help connect you with more volunteers.


Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is a Furlough Exchange?
A scheme where you can offer your time to volunteer while you are on Furlough from your employer. We are creating a network of volunteers who can offer their time to VCS organisations who may need it during the Covid 19 health crisis, and especially VCS organisations who have had to furlough their own staff to secure their financial futures. 

Is this only open to staff who are on furlough?
No, we are just as keen to hear from people with time to spare who are currently not on furlough. If you would like to volunteer, get in touch.

I have staff on furlough. How can I persuade them to get involved?
This is a purely voluntary scheme so any involvement is by the choice of the individual. Employers are able to let their staff know of this scheme but they cannot force staff to get involved. 

Will volunteering affect my eligibility for the government Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme?
No, you are free to volunteer your time whilst on furlough, as long as you are not carrying out work for your employer. If you are concerned, do always check with your employer before you get going. 

I am a charitable organisation and need more help. How can you help me with volunteers?
Drop us a line on the sign up page and let us know what you need. We'll do our best to match suitable volunteers with you.

What will happen?

We are creating a network of furloughed staff and charities/voluntary organisations who need help. Using the information we gather, we will coordinate offers of support with requests.

You can sign up using sign up page; if you already have an idea for how you may be able to offer your skills, let us know! Perhaps you are a fundraiser with experience in running campaigns; you may have excellent administrative experience; maybe you're a social media wizard or maybe you have coordinated volunteers yourself? Let us know!

Have any questions? Want to know more? Contact us using the form below or drop us a line via