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Covid-19 Employers Volunteer Response – Your communities need you!

Within a matter of weeks the needs of our communities have drastically changed and the voluntary sector is needed more than ever to provide help and support to people in need. Demand has increased in tandem with all the practical challenges that have arisen as a result of C-19 which has created challenges that nobody could have predicted 12 months ago.

In light of these challenges, volunteers have been coming forward in their thousands to do their part in supporting their communities. Team Oxford is encouraging all businesses who are able to do so, to also play their part in supporting their communities and be part of the volunteer effort to keep everyone going.

What can you do?

We are already seeing some fantastic examples of businesses stepping up to provide help in this crisis. From restaurants providing meals to NHS staff, to shops donating items to food banks, you have skills and resources that could make a big difference. Now is the time for creativity and being part of your communities.

For employers with furloughed employees, your staff are free to volunteer to support their communities whilst they are unable to carry out their duties.


Contact your local community support group:

Hundreds or neighborhood groups have sprung up in the last couple of weeks with thousands of people coming forward to offer support for households in isolation including dropping off groceries, medication and making phone calls to check in and offer a branch of social contact to keep spirits up.

Oxford City: Oxford Together is the network coordinated by Oxford Hub

Oxfordshire All In holds information for local support groups across the County

Food Banks:

Food banks are under immense pressure to maintain support for the most vulnerable households needing donations. Demand has increased with limits in capacity to get food parcels made up and delivered. Can your business be lend their support for these important services?

SOFEA (South Oxfordshire)

Witney and West Oxfordshire Food Bank

Oxford Community Emergency Food Bank

North Oxfordshire Community Food Bank (Kidlington and Chipping Norton)

Abingdon Food Bank

Wallingford Food Bank

Not sure where to start? Get in touch and we can help with putting you in touch with organisations and groups who would love to hear from you.

Email Team Oxford’s Project Coordinator Hannah Mackie