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Team Oxford, let's create a better city


What is Team Oxford?

Team Oxford is a partnership project between Aspire Oxford, Oxfordshire Community & Voluntary Association (OCVA), Brookes University, Oxford City Council, Oxford Health NHS Foundation, Oxford Computer Consultants and The Oxford Federation of GP Surgeries (OxFED).

We are a movement of of people, organisations and businesses working together to create a happier, healthier and more connected Oxford.

Our Purpose

Whatever our background or story, we all want to belong to something that’s bigger than ourselves and to make a difference.
Team Oxford exists to enable more people to take positive social action so, together, we can create an even better city.
Our ambition is to champion and role model ways for people to gift their time that are exciting, flexible and have impact.

What will we do?

We are providing a programme of new volunteering campaigns, events and infrastructure support to boost social action in Oxford over the coming years, and help city-based organisations to improve their sustainable delivery. 


Free workshops and opportunities for voluntary and community sector organisations to connect with corporate volunteers.

Social action events giving people bite-size volunteer opportunities to inspire and encourage longer-term volunteering.

Our free brokerage service connects employees who want to volunteer with the organisations that depend on them

Team Oxford Project Partners